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I bought the car from my bud in Ct. (Tony's Imported Auto in Manchester, VAG-Com with mention of Passatworld) and he likes to send down "care packages" that contain various stuff. Last year it was a box containing a couple of exhaust slip joints and a can of BG 109 and 2 cans of BG MOA.

So, I finally got to use it last OCI and here's what I found. Now, I'm not a big snake-oil believer with oil additives, etc, but I must give my impressions of this stuff.

BG Products, Inc.

So, you put the 109 in the crankcase and let the engine idle for 10-15 minutes, then, immediately drain the oil. I noticed that the oil was BLACK in the blackest way. Amazing since I have an ATQ and I probably put 3 quarts in the damn thing between OCIs.

Change the oil, new WIX filter (Napa Gold branded), and add the MOA.

So, I've basically gone from burning about 3 quarts per OCI on my normal 4500mi interval and I have to say, I've halved that. I'm about a few hundred miles from my OCI and I've only burned about a quart. Now, this crap is expensive, but I talked to him about it and you really only should do it once a year or so, and top off with MOA.

Basically the MOA is a can of additives that normally are the reason you have to change your oil in the first place. You see, oil doesn't actually break down very's the add-pack that the companies add to the dino or synth that break down. So, you can actually extend your OCI if you put a can in when it gets low.

I'm not going to do that based on the nature of the beast and I'm really not interested in sending oil samples out. However, I am seeing a noticable decrease in oil consumption on the V6.

Anyway, YMMV. I don't have any stake in this company and probably wouldn't even buy the stuff if it wasn't free. But, I may re-consider my opinion of snake-oil when it comes to the BG products.

The car is an '03 v6 5MT with 188000 on the clock. It had a broken TB when he bought it and the heads were cleaned and re-assembled with a mix of used and new valves. So, the bottom end is true 188k and the heads are who knows what.

No butt-dyno results since my but is 42 years old and kinda numb, so I don't measure performance that way. But, tonight the oil is still honey brown and it's amazing to see the level where it is after not putting oil in it for over a month.

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