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Beware of Scammers

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We have experienced a recent rash of members being scammed by new members claiming to have everything they are looking for. Many times, they will respond saying to email someone and they can get you the part. They are not to be trusted. There is a reason why we have a 25 post minimum to use the classifieds and that has usually weeded out the undesirables.

If someone responds to your ad or post looking for something on Passatworld, kindly require that they keep the conversation on this site. If ANYONE has any suspicion that another member is a potential scammer, PLEASE REPORT their message or the user directly and site staff will investigate. This does not count against anyone if nothing comes of it. Better to be safe than sorry.

The owners of the site have spam checks in place to alert the staff to potential scammers that have their email, IP address, and/or username listed on worldwide spam listings, and we can take care of them before they fully register. What we cannot catch are the ones that are using VPNs, fresh IPs, and ambiguous usernames. They sometimes give themselves away in a post or two, but many end up contacting members directly, which we cannot see. Again, if you suspect something, report it and we will investigate.

Things to look out for:
  • New member with little or no post count
  • Look at the members latest posts. Many times, they reply with one word or it's a copy/paste from another reply in the thread
  • They claim to have exactly what you need and ask you to email someone.
  • Refusal to use a money transfer service or feature that allows for payment/product disputes

Unless you know the member personally, DO NOT USE PAYPAL FRIENDS AND FAMILY to send money. If they refuse to take it as goods and services, you walk away.

While Passatworld cannot help get your money back from these scammers, we can help moderate conversations and do the back office reporting to spam sites so that they get banned and registered as scammers.
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