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Better audio?

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I have a 2014 Passat SEL Premium TDI with the Fender (RNS510 - US) audio system. I have read a few older posts stating that it's possible to change out the factory amp/DSP under the seat with a Dynaudio unit. Is this true, and is it that simple? In other words, do the wiring harnesses match and it's simply as easy as unplugging one unit and exchange it for the other one? Are there only certain models (year model or type of head units) this will work on? Does it improve the sound quality?

The Fender system is decent for most types of music, but the highs don't seem as crisp and clear as they should be in my opinion. I've read that the Dynaudio has a little more brightness on the high end. Are there other software controls in the standard RNS510 Fender system maybe I'm not aware of (or need a tweak to get to)?
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Dynaudio only makes speakers, that I can recall. now, you can add an amp and still use the components in the car. Sometimes that works well, since the Headunits don't really put out what they say they put out..

If you want to run separate output per speaker type, then I would do a DSP if you want serious control over the output, if not then just get a decent amp with built in crossover.
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