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Betten Imports - Pleasant Experience w/ Service Issue

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Power steering went out as I got off the expressway last night towards the end of my 65 mile commute home. This is the third time in the last 1.5 years I have owned the car, and the second time in two months.

Called Betten Imports while on the road to arrange an appointment and loaner transportation. Got the appointment and the standard "no loaners available" answer even though I explained my 65 mile commute each way that would be severely impacted without transportation.

After leaving a message that last night that I will need a tow, I got my wits about me and realized that I had Roadside Assistance as a CPO owner. So this morning I get RA to tow my car to the dealer. I head to the dealer to find out what they will do for me for transportation. I wanted either a loaner or dealer paid rental car as they had the car twice already to fix power steering issues. I was expecting some resistance and was prepared to plead my case.

I met Chuck Telep, new car sales, and after explaining my situation he took me to Gary, sales manager. Gary introduced himself to my wife and I then listened to the situation. Gary immediately agreed to provide us loaner transportation. He had a 2004 Passat GLX (demo) washed and brought around front for us. It was easier then I thought.

While I was there with some time to kill my wife also encouraged me to take a look at a new Passat Variant 1.8T manual. I took one out for a test drive and then also fell in love with a 1.8T Jetta GLI. With the financing, rebates, and loyalty credits prices ended up being the same, although I imagine the Passat has some more negoitating room.

I will admit that the 18" BBS RC's, 6spd, and Recaro seats look damn sexy on that Jetta. :nervous: So I have the wife's blessing to buy either if I see fit and dont' take a bath on the trade in. What does one do? LOL

Anyhow, I really wanted to take this chance to thank Chuck and Gary at Betten Imports. They really took great care of us to deal with this problem. I also learned that Chuck sold Betten Imports' first Phaeton recently.
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You west coasters have it soo good! :thumbup:
yeah man, those new jetta gli's are pretty sweet, especially in red or platinum grey. I like the blacked out headlights and the wheels and recaro seats like you mentioned above. Still love my passat though :lol:
The odds are stacking against my Passat. Even after a weekend with the 2004 GLX loaner. I found the dealer has a Platinum Grey one too. The wife was all over it saying that is the one I should get.

I am going to humor them and have them appraise my car for trade in. If I don't take a bath on their offer, it is quite possible that a GLI will be sitting in my driveway... :nervous: :weirdo:
Look at the R32 as well. I almost went with either of them when I was buying my new Variant. They wouldn't budge in the pricing though.

Paul :thumbup:
I believe they will wiggle a little with the price. Plus there is 2K in incentives and loyalty hanging out there. If the stars align, it will be hard to say no...

The R32 is a bit more then I want to spend on a car... Plus I still would like the option of putting a car seat in occasionally.
Well the trade-in value of my car was quite a bit lower then I expected. Even after looking at Edmunds :)suspicio: ) and KBB :)oops: ) they came in even lower (making Baby Jesus :cry: ). I was willing to eat some negative equity because I need two new tires and a new winshield ($500 max replacement cost), but the amount they want me to eat is a larger portion then I am willing to choke down.

I have my new 17" BBS RC replica wheels and Yoko's ready to be ordered for the B5. So if it wasn't meant to be, I am ready to spoil my B5 with some new shoes.

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