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Specifically, its BKR6E, stock number 6962. NOT to be confused with the OEM two prong BKR6EKUB which is at the cheapest, over $5 a piece.

I tried an Autolite AP 3924 only because Pepboys was closed, and Autozone had them. They recommended them, didn't have NGK's, went against my better judgement, and bam... in they went... and bam... went my engine.

I had terrible hesitation, and the entire car studdered with the slightest bit of acceleration.

Called Pepboys up, gapped them NGK's to 0.037 (I searched, and the range for the V6 is 0.035 to 0.042, and the consensus says 0.032 is for the 1.8T). Immediately, the car idled better and the butt dyno said I gained several horsies back.

For you V6 owners, DO it. It's the best 12 bucks you'll spend for your car, and do it every 15,000 miles... because it's cheap enough to do, and it literally took me 30 minutes from hood up to hood down... and i'm not a mechanical genius.

The write up here is missing all it's pictures, so if there is a Great need for another V6 sparkplug change write up, I can make one.

So here's to a few more miles in the car before it sells :icon_eek: Currently getting nibbles for it, and am itching for something else...
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