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If you have a VAG product, go see Murat at Common Street Auto.

I went there with a TDI and he his stuff around that special engine. While we were there, he fixed my girlfriends Lancer's squeeky accessory belt. This is all after closing time! By far, the most honest, straightforward mechanic I have EVER dealt with.

Tell him Witold sent you, he will remember the blown up turbo in a TDI, and how many hours he spent fixing it. He actually texted me in the middle of the night because he couldn't fix the car without buying extra parts, and he felt bad. He did all of this for a very reasonable price, even offering his own car so I could get to school. I've never experienced such great service, ever.

Murat, if you read this, you sir, are a class act.

(Edit: I'm new here, but look me up on TDIClub (same username), I've been there for a while. I'm getting a New To Me 2006 Passat this weekend, so I figured I'd read up on all I can before I pick it up! Cheers to all the knowledge here)
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