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Hello guys, i have a 96 Quantum project car, right now im doing the interior and re painting it, but as i am getting closer to the end of that process i am now thinking about the next step. Here in Brazil these were sold only with 1.8 and 2.0 engines, and they're pretty dull so i want to swap it , but i've been having a hard time finding more info on B2 engine swaps.
The options are somewhat limited where in my country, the engines that i can find here are the 2.2 I5 Turbo and the 2.8 VR6, there are some other less exciting options aswell.

My question is , which engine is more suited to swap in a B2 FWD manual car? The 2.2 I5 seems like a good choice given that it was used in other B2 cars and is mounted in the same way as the 4cyl in my car.

Any information or suggestions on this topic are welcome.

Thank you all in advance
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