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Unit comes with smart plug , complete protection package and windshield mount.

Beltronics is the technology leader in radar and laser protection, The pro RX 65 incorporates technology to give you the best protection possible. The pro RX65 provides 10 times the performance of any imported radar detector on the market today.

Lighting fast response time

The Pro RX65 will detect and process a radar signal in less than 500milliseconds. The

Multiple laser sensors, strategically placed in the unit continually search for laser gun signals , total tracking laser ensures the best protection possible

The RX65 covers all north american radar and laser frequencies plus KU band for european travelers

The unit is easy to use

Clear and Understandable voice alerts

Ultra bright text display

Brightness control with full dark mode

Automute and mute automatically reduce the alert volume level during a long radar encounter or your can simply press the convenient mute button on the included smart plug to silence the audio

Selectable city mode Filters

Complete VG2 Immunity . The unit incorporate , shadow technology circuity making it invisible to the VG2 radar detector detectors.

i upgraded to more expensive GPS enabled radar detector so this one is for sale. asking $150 thats 1/2 of msrp more info can be found on manufacturers site Beltronics Pro RX65 Radar Detector - Red
PM or email me at (slayerrule at

sorry for cellphone pic

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