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BBS RX on 2003 Passat

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I'm thinking about putting BBS RX's on my 2003 Silverstone grey Passat and wanted to get everyones opinion. How do think they would look? Do you think that they would look better or worse than the W8 madras style wheel? And last what size would look better 17x7.5, 17x8, 18x7.5 or 18x8?

Thanks for your help!

2003 Passat B5.5
Black leather
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the widths are going to make a difference as far as looks... all those widths will accept a 225 width tire...

18's look far better on the Passat, IMO... simply because it's a larger car, and the larger rims just fit better...

Oh, the RX's would look sweet on Silverstone... :thumbup:
Here's a picture of my 18x8 BBS RX's on my 2003 GLS. These wheels are awesome and I think they would look great on a Silverstone car, but then again, I am biased :wink:

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they do look good... :thumbup:
those are nice...not my style, but they do look nice :thumbup: :thumbup:
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