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Ok, going nuts on why my remote doesnt work anymore. The old batteries were getting weak so I replaced them and since then, I've been killing myself on re-programming the remote.

I check the driver lock circuit and about to rip out the CCM. Prior to this, all locks, domelights, trunk lock, gas lid, windows were all working fine. I didnt get the problems of weak solder joints or corroded wire harnest.

I checked the voltage on the new batteries, and they seem fine. Then I realized that maybe I put the batteries incorrectly with the polarity reversed. I found some pics on how to change batteries on a Passat remote, and realized that maybe I have the wrong size batteries.

Batteries for the newer remote (753AM) are CR 2032

I have the non-immobilizer 753F type for a '00 V6 2.8 Tip B5 instead. The one WITHOUT the shiny key-ring on the top. The batteries I have installed (may be the wrong size) are CR 1620.
The two size batteries may be 3volts, but slightly different size and different maH. I hope this is it.

Please tell me the correct battery type and size for the B5 remotes. thanks
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