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basic questions

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I am in the market for a set of new tires for my B5.5 V6 GLS;

-What is the largest tire I can go with the stock wheels? Would 215/65/15 fit?
-The original Continentals are pretty much gone at 34k miles. Is that normal?
-What brand and rating (size) seems to be the most prefered among Passat owners? I am looking for good handling and quite ride, not to mention long life :)
I am in San Francisco so I don't need special winter tires.

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The 215/65/15 would be a bit too big. 205/60/15 is the largest size Tire Rack lists for it. I would have thought you would get more mileage on the stock tires, but doesn't completely surprise me. Are they worn evenly? For quiet ride, treadlife and handling (in that order) I recommend the Bridgestone Turanza LS-H. Many members here use it and really like it.
Clay, thanks for the tip... I checked out the review for Turanza LS-H... I also read about few others...the reviews for Turanza were not as impressive as some of the other brands/models...
anyone has any opinion on these brands/models? I am going to use the stock wheels but will replace the stock tires with 205/65/15s. Mainly looking for a smooth drive, good handling, long tread life and quite drive...well basically everything :)

- GoodYear Assurance Triple Tred
- Yokohama Avid H4s
- Bridgestone Turanza LS-H
- Michelin HydroEdge
- Yokohama AVS db S2

I really don't need Aquatred type of tires, besides the few months of heavy rain we get in the Bay Area, but I really like the tread design on the above GoodYear and Michelin 8)

Howmuch difference does it make T rated vs. H, I do go (occaisonally) up to 100-110 miles/hr on I-280 but not that often, :oops: don't tell CHP.
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H rated would be fine for you...

basically H rated would be fine for everyone... who the hell drives at 130+ frequently...? :crazy:

of your list, i'd go with the Avid H4's... had them once, long ago, and didn't have any complaints...
I have one complaint about the Yokos. Its listed as an all season. Don't take it in the snow. EVER. Its literally like skating on ice (I had trouble with a 0.5% grade).

Then again, it was in a 2700 lb RWD car, but still. THEY LIE! :mad:
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