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Bad hoses and where they go

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So I have a passat I purchased used from some kid and some of the work or fixes they or he has done looks hacked up at best. Anyway I guess it works but it needs to be corrected. The engine cover that makes the motor look fancy is gone as well as the cover for the back part under the hood that covers the battery compartment and so forth.

Anyway at the back of the motor up top there are two metal pipes. One of which has a hose that is 90 degrees towards the front of the car and connects to another metal pipe. The rubber on the 90 degree elbow was cracked bad so I went to repair it temporarily to see if it would clear some error codes. However when I took it off it fell apart. So ill be getting a new one. Anyway when it broke the metal pipe attached to it that is going down fell. I didnt think this was right so I snaked the pipe out to find the end of it with another rubber connection of the end of it broke off, I have no idea where it goes.

Any help is appreciated if anyone has experienced similar problems with their engine.

Thanks in advance.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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