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I had a bad experience trying to buy an oil pan for the 2.8L engine from Rock Auto and there's NO WAY to contact anything but their customer service bot. I ended up doing a chargeback because they wouldn't address the problem, which seems to be a problem with their catalog.

My car needs the oil pan without a sensor hole. I ordered one from Rock Auto "w/o sensor hole". Well, I didn't verify what I received until near the end of the return period. It had the hole, so I checked the website and did an exchange. New one was the same, so I tried to contact them. By this time, it's outside the return period for the original order, so the system kicked me out.

There's no way to escalate at Rock Auto. I tried calling a corporate number, and when I reached a live person, they informed me they don't talk to customers and I need to go through the manufacturer.

I contacted the manufacturer, who said they can't do returns or exchanges on an end user's product because their customer is Rock Auto. They suggested I drive from the Bay Area to Southern California to the brick and mortar affiliate of Rock Auto. The gas would cost more than a $78 oil pan, not to mention time away from my business during retail busy season.

American Express was appalled by this and was happy to process a chargeback.

I bought an overpriced oil pan at O'Reilly's because I could take it out of the box and verify it was the right part. By this time, my car had been up on ramps for a week and I needed it for a business event in a few days. I didn't have time to order from ECS or whoever, let alone get the wrong one again.

I'm not planning to order from Rock Auto again unless they're the only ones who carry a part. I'm definitely going to check it as soon as it's delivered.
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