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Bad Experience with RockAuto. Thoughts?

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So, I ordered “new” remanufactured BeckArnley front calipers for my 2003 1.8t. Upon arrival there were some rust spots on that particular caliper. I went ahead and installed. In two weeks the entire caliper has now rusted.

I contacted RockAuto. They refuse to replace it. I even offered to buy another one and send this back. Nope!

Now, my “new” caliper looks worse than the old one.

I told them they have just lost a customer and I would share my experience with my buddies at PW.

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Looking at my current Audi, I'm guessing that the OE caliper was Zinc plated for corrosion resistance (Cadmium used to be the metal, but due to health hazards is pretty much out). The sand blaster took the Zinc off, leaving bare Iron/Steel without protection.

I agree with AndreasPassat, that a letter to someone of authority in their Customer Service department would be a good idea- you might be offered a promotional discount, for instance. Keep the letter short and to the point, don't threaten, just say that you have influence with plenty of their customers, and that you are somewhat disappointed to receive a rusted part unfit for use, and a dismissive attitude from their representative when you called to complain. Actual letters are kind of rare now, and get attention.
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