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I've searched this forum but didn't find anything...

So I'm interested in installing the Sun Screen Shade / Screen in a 2004 Passat sedan -- the screen that you pull upward through a slot in the parcel shelf, and then, when the screen is fully extended to the top of the back window, you secure the screen's rod on both ends of the rod via two retaining clips (one on each side at the top of the back window) which are secured with a screw, presumably going into sheet metal, and not just the headliner.

Does anyone have a PDF of the Installation Instructions for these?

Before I pull down the headliner to install those two retaining clips, I want to know if I'll find factory holes waiting for the screws for those clips or not. Maybe the holes were only drilled in Passats that got the screens at the factory?

...If not, I'm wondering if there is a template or specific directions on how to locate those screw holes.

I don't have a reference installation to check this. I'm assuming those screws go into sheet metal.

Clueless in Central Ohio,

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