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Hello All,

Been driving a Passat B6 2007 for a little while now (5 years), bought it pre-owned, and it's been a great car for yes I have had to fix a few things but nothing major, recently the car stop while driving and my auto mechanic figured the timing belt had jumped and we needed to change some bent valves after this was done and the timing set, the car has been giving major issues, where when I start the car it starts but once I put it off it doesn't come up immediately, the car has to stay off for at least 5mins before I can start it again, we have done everything to try to fix this issue from removing the cylinder again and changing all the valves, we have scanned with vag and we don't get any errors that have to do with the drive train, kindly please advise what we can check again.

PS the coils don't have any power supply during the 5 min wait time

Regards and thanks in advance
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