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I asked Forge Uk the same question, they did not know if they would fit but were happy to sell me a set and if they didn't fit and i didn't damage them they would give me a refund, however they are not in stock and have not been according to some of the b5 members for at least 6 months.


watch this space

As i have arranged with Silflex (the makers of samco sport hoses) in the uk to take my car along to them on Friday to use as a test car to not only try out the A4 hoses for fitment but to sort out some B5 specific hoses, as i told them there were alot of owners out there that wanted them and were getting fed up with being told their in development and will be ready in a few weeks.

So i will post a write up of my day with them on Friday or over the weekend.

What i probably will need is someone in the US that either has a spare/old but still intact set of US spec turbo hoses (or even salvaged from a breakers yard) that they can send me in the next couple of weeks so that i can give them to silflex so they can make any adjustments for the US Spec engine ( so if anyone has any or knows of anyone that does please PM me for my address details), i will also discuss with them a group buy discount and i will put a feeler out for that if i can get a definite production date, (they have said that they will send me a trial set within 1-2 weeks after i have been for the test, to try out and if they fit ok then they will go into production)

so i will keep you all posted as and when i get the info.


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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