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I promise, I looked at past posts, but did not find the info I need.

I hava a base stock radio in my 2008 Passat. I would like to upgrade it to a radio that has bluetooth and satellite capability. (Nav not necessary). I'm not 100% sure how radios and such works, but I believe I have to have a satellite receiver and a dash unit. Other posts have mentioned a receiver in the passenger side panel in the trunk, but my panel is solid - no access, and, I suspect, no receiver behind it.

Other posts have also mentioned Crutchfield, but I have not found their site to be helpful to an ignoramus such as myself.

Therefore, I throw myself upon your mercies and ask:

-Can I put a satellite radio in the spot where the stock one was? My stock radio is the tall one (about 5 inches)

-What radio would you recommend? Another turd in the punchbowl is that I cannot stand the new radios where old farts like me can't even change a station without turning off the display or launching nukes at friendly nations. I have one in my truck and most days I can't even figure out how to turn it on. What happened to push buttons?

-Do I need to put a receiver in as well ( anywhere in the car)?


That's about it.

If you can speak slowly and use small words, I'd appreciate it. I change my own oil, built a car for the Lemons, but cannot keep up with radio technology.

Thanks. Be gentle.

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