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Anybody know if the B6 Wagon VR6 comes standard with Dual Zone Climate Control? Wood Grain Trim? Satellite Radio? Web site says they are included in Lux pkg 1. But I've seen VR6 wagons on the lot with some of those features that don't have the Lux Pkg.

If the wood grain is not included, can it be added from the parts dept?

I got a web quote from local dealer for the exact car that built - including nav. They said they had it on the lot available for immediate delivery. I called the next day to make sure they still had it. I asked to confirm it had nav. Guy said yes to everything. Went in tonight to look at it. Oops - it doesn't have nav. But they could order a car with it. I'm kinda guessing that if I order it they won't offer the same price. Probably say the quote was a mistake and if I want nav it will be another $1800.

I also got a quote on an Outback. I was leaning toward the Passat but might change my mind.

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