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B5 V6 track day setup advice needed (pic)

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Ok... I may be able to attend a trackday on the 6th of July. My first time, so here I'm seeking the wisdom of CB5'ers on how I should approach this day both for my car and myself. Not trying to break any record here but want to make the most of this day.

Here's my car:

It has...
-Eibach Prokit,
-Whiteline 22mm rear sway bar
and just received the Tyrol brake caliper kit in the mail, will be installing it asap.

Tires... Now I have a choice of using either
-75% worn Bridgestone S03's or
-5% worn Goodyear GSD F1's...
in the front, both in 225/50/16 size.... I've searched the forums a bit, and found some discussions on tire pressures, so will be playing around with that. Starting with 38/38 I think...

and front brakes...
-brand new mintex pads or
-75% worn EBC Greenstuff or
-20% worn EBC Greestuff Ultra (similar naming but with a carbon compound I believe, very very black dust)
these can go with 70% worn pulsating EBC turbo grooves :suspicio: or brand new DBA slotted rotors...
I don't think I'll be able to wear the new rotors "in", in time so I don't think it's the best idea to use new rotors?

also, I have a sub and 2 amps in the trunk.. should I remove those for the day? if I do, the 4hr drive to and back from the race track would be a bit...err quiet... :roll:

Any helpful inputs will be greatly appreciated! thanks!

Mike :)
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I think you should consult with the organizer about the tech check. If the tires are in bad shape(extreme case: it show the steel belt) then the tech might not pass your car because of that.

Are the S0-3 on the indicator yet? If the day is dry for your event then the S0-3 will have the maximum grip on the road. If rainy then go slower.

Consult with the tech before you go. If they feel the friction material is on the low side then a chance that not let your car to run.

Pulsating is bad. I think you should change them and cure the problem. It will only get worst when the system heated up.

One last thing is to change the brake fluid if they are old. I recommend Motul RBF 600 synthetic.

Extra weight:
You might have a tough time bring the car up to speed on the straight road which usually the passing lane.

Enjoy your track day.
:lol: with the :b5:
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Give PM to JROO-VW he is one of CB5 weekend racers on his 4Mo V6
Thanks for the advice, think I'll be changing the brake pads and use the GY GSD. I'm asking because I like the feel of the S03's (not at the wear bar yet, but very close...) and the EBC GS pads (around 6-7mm) better... oh well better than not been able to get on the track at all.

Thanks for the heads up, I'll see what precious experience he can share ...

One thing that may prevent this day from happening... While installing the Tyrol brake guides tonight, I found one of the CV boot torn :cry: , though the tear is only small at the moment, and barely any grease are spraying, I have a feeling I won't be able to get this sort out in time... :sad:

Mike :)
I agree w/above comments. Brakes are most important and your highest-wear item at the track. Make sure lug nuts and other critical bolts are properly torqued, keep an eye on your brake pads and tire pressures. Be sure and give your car plenty of cool-down time after each run, take an extra cool-down lap if you can.

If it's your very first track day, if you're like me you're going to want to go as fast as possible for as long as possible, braking hard and diving deep into the turns. This is very hard on your car - try to relax and concentrate on the proper line, and on smoothness - not upsetting the balance of the car. This will eventually result in faster laptimes than braking deep, is much safer, and much easier on your beautiful car.
agreed with the agreement.
you sure you didn't scan that pic out of the broshure? :thumbup:
Thanks for the advice, will try and keep my calm and concertrate on the driving and not let the blood fill my head and adrenalin take over... Thank you! 8)

Actually it was an Australian brochure that I kept from 98'... j/k.. took this pic 3 weeks ago, after detailing my car ready for our "winter"! that's why I didn't post it in the summer pic thread... :roll:

Mike :)
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