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About 18 months ago I replaced the OEM cat on my '99 B5 with a bosal unit (Right side). At the time, the OEM Cat was fine other than the flex pipe. After about 6 months I started getting a CEL with an error code that the cat wasn't working. Monitoring the front and rear 02 sensors confirmed that the cat wasn't working.... I called Bosal and they replaced it under warranty. The 2nd cat worked fine and the rear O2 sensor was dead flat during the cat test cycle. 8 months later and my CEL is back on with the same problem.

The original OEM cat on the driver's side has 210k miles on it and works perfectly. I swear if I could put the old OEM one back on the passenger side, it would work fine. Unfortunately, I don't have it anymore.

Has anybody else had this problem? Are the Bosal units just total junk? I'm about ready to drop another $400 on an ECS unit.

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