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As promised, I had some goodies arrive from the fatherland that I got around to installing today, bringing the B5 into the modern era.

I’ve hated not having BT in this car and have searched for a reasonable solution with the OEM Nav, I found the Bury 9068 App BT kit-a great bridge between OEM functionality and the aftermarket.

The module streams A2DP music via the AUX in and phone calls with the factory phone inputs-and does it very well. The only drawback is not being able to search the phone book and have the OEM steering wheel phone controls-something VWOA never intended for us to have.

Installation was simple thanks to the seller on eBay who custom made the harness to be as plug and play as possible; no wire tapping or soldering necessary. The harness bridges the power connector at the radio and the head unit itself to utilize the necessary power/ground/etc...I only had to add the TEL sound wires to the 20 pin connector and add RCA connectors for the music output to the Dietz multimedia unit.

I placed the BT controller behind the climate controls and put everything together:

The unit is controlled solely by the Bury App in my iPhone, I haven’t set up voice control yet but it is supposed to be able to operate by voice alone when set up properly:

Works beautifully so far, and for some more teasers of Euro goodness, some Euro Tamo wood trim:

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