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B5, New to The site, I have a build plan....

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Hey guys,
About myself quickly, Currently Active duty Navy as an Avionics Tech. I am an Offroad nut, from R/C crawlers to my Jeep Grand Cherokee build(Project: War Wagon - ) . I was a diagnostic tech at a large GM dealership in Colorado and a fabricator of off road suspension and chassis.
My wife and I purchased a beautiful 1999 GLX B5 in Oct of 09. It had 86k miles and top notch condition. We have driven it as a daily driver for two years and she is in need of tires.

So while talking to the wife we decided we hated the 15''s that are on it so new rims are in order.... Than of course as it has hit 100k miles the shocks/struts are in need of replacement so we are also looking into a drop and improving the ride quality/performance.

In the long run I want to be able to run this car in autocross races(for fun) and have a lot of spirited driving with it.

Pictures are to come soon as I am currently deployed in Iraq and the wife will be snapping some completely stock photos.

The wheels we are looking to invest in:
moda EB1 Hyper Silver
The suspension we are looking to invest in:
Koni yellow shocks w/1.7'',1.4'' drop
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Please Give advice and Hopefully everyone understands the lengthy 1st post.... XmattX
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Some other great mods (apart from what you've already planned) are a rear anti-sway bar and a brake upgrade (A8 upgrade or Porsche Boxter upgrade). Those two alone will make a great improvement in how the car can be sport driven. :thumbup:

Also look around for an A8 strut tower brace and upgrade the snub mount from the soft OEM rubber to a harder after market mount.

If you're going low and your area has bad roads, speed bumps, high angle driveway entrances or raised manhole covers... look into the Thor Skid Plate. That car has limited clearance at stock height. If you drop it some more, your aluminum oil pan becomes a target for all those nasty things.:banghead:

If you're in no hurry, keep tabs on the classified section and pick up your goodies as they become available used. You'll save a good deal going that route.

Get yourself a Bentley Manual (used is cheaper).
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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