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Disclaimer: Well i have no intentions on offending any-1 but this is mearly a post to voice opinions on a specific topic and subject. So these are simply my opinions and views and i have no affliation with any company mentioned nor any experience with these companies inferred.


Now that i THINK i've covered my butt on any flaming....i just feel that CB5er should really research buys before being taken advantage of by marketing ploys. I understand the need for companies to make $. That's what we are all here in life to do: provide for ourselves and families.

I also feel that CB5 is around to HELP one another by posting experiences and or opinions about products and companies. Also to help fellow CB5ers find the best deals. It only helps one another and the CB5 community.

For those who don't, i posted for a brief moment information in a GB post that could have been found offensive by undermining the originating poster. I appologize for that and have since removed the post. So i'm posting it here i my own post so i can't undermine myself. :crazy:

I've notice a GB for a certain full body kit and the pricing for it. The marketing of the post makes it look really good and suggests that it's the best and only deal in town. No doubt people as sellers want to sell what they have and will make it sound good. I just wanted to warn CB5 to please research before falling for a ploy because sometimes there are other offers out there. In my research for about this body kit i sent an e-mail to a company that sold body kits for the import car scene. They had no listing for our cars on their site so i expressed an e-mail asking if they had plans on providing a new kit for this void. They responded with the same kit in this GB and offered it at a price lower than a claim CB5 special price. I just wanted to share that information with fellow Cb5ers.

So i suppose in short research before acepting what it shown for there could be a better deal out there.

-Chris 8)

the site i found the RS kit for cheaper than that offered in the GB is And this is the reply to my email:

I have a body kit for your car. It's called the rs kit
The price for the complete kit is $1050.00. This is the only pic's I
could find
for it.

Let me know if there is anything else I can do for you.

Thank you

And this was the e-mail i sent them:

Greetings, I was wondering if you have any plans or interests in providing products for 98-2001 VW Passats. I currently have a 99 VW Passat and am looking for quality aero parts. It'd be great if you can help fill this void. Thanks for your time.

-The pics they sent me were the pics Which leads me to beleive it's the same kit. This kit price was given to me without any bargaining or "special" pricing. This is their 1st price to me. Which is why i think the "special" CB5 price is more of a marketing ploy than anything. Again this is all just my $0.02!

Edit: I suppose now that another member has spoken with them about GB the price is even lower!

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I agree, there is nothing wrong with comparing prices between distributors and trying to get a better deal as a result. Heck, the big retail stores have price match policies based on this.

Lastly, just like retailers can set their prices as they wish, consumers are allowed to do their research and make retailers compete with each others prices. It's a two-way street.

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I don't think you need worry about offending the original poster of the other thread. If their pricing is good and the kit is as good as they say, then they shouldn't have issue with a member challenging them on quoted prices etc. If they are trying to work an angle, then its best that they know we look out for each other too. Its a good way to keep the snakes at bay and to let the better companies in.

I say thanks for putting your $.02 in and if the vendor didn't like it, well that says something about them I guess. :thumbup:
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