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Pictures upon request. Currently cataloging what I have for sale and listing it here.

Part Description PN
B5.5 Cluster VDO 110.080.137/007 SOLD
B5 Dash Vents SOLD
B5 Headrests (Black and grey) $10ea,deals with multiple items
B5.5 Wagon Lockset, Ign/Door/Hatch/Key Fob $75
B5 Relays and Switches from Radio Surround (hazard, seat heater, rear defrost) $10ea, deals with multiple items
Seat Hardware $10
B5 Standard Rearview Mirror (grey) $20
Door Pulls+Hardware $20
B5.5 Center Console (Black) with Emergency Brake $100
Exterior Metal Window Trim for Wagon $30
B5/Passat Front Door Latches $30
B5 Passat Airbag module 1J0909607 $15
B5 Passat Manual HVAC controls (MY00) 1J0820046F $15
B5 Passat Manual HVAC controls (MY98) 1J0820046G 01C $15
B5 Passat Wagon Tail lights Pair $75
B5 Passat Mirrors (Black) (Stubby Passenger) $70
B5.5 Passat Mirrors (Gold) $60
Battery Hold-down Clamp $10
Carseat hold down points for Wagon rear seat (black) $10

Photos can be found here:

In reverse, but chained to a tree.
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note:the horizontal blades are STUPID easy to carry over from an older vent-set if yours are in ok condition. they're in a little frame of their own and swap over once the face of the vents is off. i advise getting all :)

i'm game for the cluster. pm me for paypal details and shipping stuffs.
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