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B5.5 Badgeless Grille with Chrome Slats and "U" $75 + SHIPPING

thank you



I just talked to Rus from on Friday and he said that he has a lot of these grills on the way. He expects to have them in around the middle of next week (July 8 or 9). He is going to create a coupon code for the website sometime next week and he is going to email it to me. He said the grills will be only 75$ plus shipping.

It's a great deal. He has'nt had them in stock for a while because his overseas manufacturer dicontinued them or something but, anyway, now he's going to have them again.

Ill post the coupon code as soon as I get it next week.

FYI, I've been reaching him at 201-895-1192 and at email [email protected]

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