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B5.5 Wagon with ET37 Sport Edition A8-2 16x7.5 w/ Kumho 205 55 16 PS31

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For a hair over $100/wheel and $80/tire. Was wondering what those budget “Sport Edition” wheels were like. They look decent in person! Paint is evenly applied.

The 37 offset hit right on the mark. No spacers used.

The Kumho’s feel sporty enough for what this wagon will be asked to do!




The ET37 fits perfectly.



VAG lug covers fit nice n snug
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Absolutely. Needs to come down.
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I am thinking H&R Wagon Springs paired with Koni STR.T dampers.
Can't go wrong with that combo.
That seems to be the case, yes. Springs are sedan/wagon specific.

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Looks good but incorrect

All B5/B5.5s were built in Emden/Zwickau

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Well. HQ of VWAG is in Wolfsburg right?
Besides! Looks better than the Tire Rack generic “Sport Edition” no? 😀
Yes, I was just poking fun.

It was commonly believed that it had to be made in Wolfsburg to have that "edition", but it was just a marketing thing. Still, no B5/B5.5 model was offered with a Wolfsburg Edition. Nobody outside our little group of enthusiasts knows that. Personally, I think it looks great. A purist might not.
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