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B5.5 Wagon Tablet as Audio Source install

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So I starting a new thread on my wagon, since lots of things have changed, I'm not longer running a headunit in my car, opted for a nexus 7 tablet running timur rom (USB rom), Arc AUdio PS8 (getting fixed) / JL Audio TwK88 (at the moment), going into my amps

to accomplish this, I had to acquire several things;
Nexus 7 2012 tablet
USB OTG cable
powered USB hub
DC-DC converter
USB DAC Using fiber into my processor
Toslink cable
various USB cables
USB Tuner (Radio) w/ antennae
BT volume/track remote (Ordered a usb volume one but the manufacturer dropped the ball and I end up canceling the order)

Step 1 was to pretty much get the tablet ready (Root it and install the Custom ROM).
Step 2 was having to decide if either a permanent install or removable (I went with permanent as it would require bigger overall of the factory trim ring and buttons)
Step 3 wire all the power connections, I still have the functionality of key off power until you open the door, ensuring that the DCDC convertor was putting out 5 volts
Step 4 was the software to play what you want to play, Since I competing in Car Audio, I went with UAPP for the ability to play DSD files (hiRes Audio files)
Step 5 was the difficult part, I had to cut the factory trim piece so I could glue in the trim ring for the tablet and cut where the usb cable would be connecting to the tablet.
Step 6 finishing the trim piece ( sanding, filling, sanding, primer, paint)
Step 7 drink a few beers while you rip all your CDs onto the a usb stick, tablet, or usb hard drive.

More to come..
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