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Hello, my B5.5 is on his last leg and is not worth fixing it. Looked around for my next car and B6 looks like the best bang for the buck, some info from you guys.

On my b5.5 I went through most of the common CEL and issues, is B6 an electrical hxll like B5.5?

1.8t burn ton's of oil, how about 2.0t(06-07)?

No hand break, wtf?

I test drove one the other day
-The clutch is super light and low nothing like B5.5, is it normal?
-The guy claim oil changed a month ago, when I check the dipstick it is dry. Common?
-timing belt was done a few month ago with paper work, the guy claim the CEL was on last week and a shop call for thermostat fail. A thermostat will trigger a CEL? The shop turned off the CEL so I don't get to read it.

B5.5 interior material are super, is B6 meet the same standard?

Finally will you suggest a B6?
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