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b5.5 OEM stock grille USED $20 chicago area ONLY

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b5.5 OEM stock grille USED $20 chicago area SOLD

- 1 top center tab intact
- 2 bottom center tabs intact
- 2 bottom corner tabs broken off
- 2 side guide tabs broken off
- no cracks
- minor pitting on chrome

this is the original grille off my 04 passat GLS. PITA to remove... after years of repeated removal i finally busted 1 of the corner tabs off the bottom. shortly thereafter i decided to intentionally break off the opposite bottom tab and the side tabs myself and the grille installs and removes easy as a breeze ever since. going badgeless now... new grille is installed with the side guide tabs intentionally broken off, but i'm keeping all 4 bottom tabs intact for now.

for sale in the chicago area ONLY--will not ship. located near lake/gary in hanover park OR near army trail/schmale in glendale heights
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price reduced to $15
item sold for $15
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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