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B5.5 Boser?....u know it

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thought ill throw up some pix of the hood, its coming along VERRRRRRRRY NICELY

This was totally fabbed by my friend who is doin the work to my car:thumbup: :whistle:
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how bout 10,000 for that hood!

damn it looks quite "mean"
personally, I don't care for it.....I think it takes away from the elegance of the Passat...but hey...that's just my opinion...
I agree...if i was going for elegance, i woulda did it completely euro everything and a votex kit.

BUT i am doing my car flat black and on air ride, nothign elegant there:thumbup:
flat black? ewwwwhhhh...not shiny and perty????

hehe....looking forward to seeing the finished product...maybe I'll like it...who knows...but who cares anyway! I'm :crazy:
hahaa, yeah i wanted to go the unconventional route for my passat, too many looking the same around here, which isnt a bad thing, a lot of nice passats. But i like to do my best to be different
I know man I know...just :poke: ya....

I have the same run of the mill black passat with 18's....I'm boring like that...
1 - 4 of 59 Posts
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