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B5 / 3B / AFN - Serpentine Belt(s)

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Does the AFN / 3B series have two serpentine belts, one for the alternator / water pump etc and a secondary one to drive the power steering alone. As my car when it had it's "fault" used to drive everything all together.....

OK, I'm ever so slightly annoyed due to major bad luck with several things but back to the topic

My alternator belt and got towed back, local recovery firm said looks like the tensioner was shot. If you look at it vertically from above it looks more like / on the engine and he said they should look pretty much straight like that |

Went out and bought a new tensioner (and) serpentine belt

Fitted the tensioner, which is now straight btw. When you fit the belt there is slack (I've found out this is because the firm gave me wrong belt!)

Now that the tensioner is perfectly lined up, the belt doesn't sit perfectly in line with the power steering / nor would it fit. So I'm assuming the way it SHOULD be is there is a secondary belt just for the power steering?

Actually thinking about it, I'm sure this is mentioned somewhere that to fit the serpentine belt you have to remove a power sttering belt

Please note. My car has Aircon + Power Steering. But local stealership parts dept, can only find the belts for models with Aircon (not powersteering)

I don't have my ETKA on hand atm, but when I looked at the first diagram of the electric system (it's listed under List of V belts"), mine is the top left diagram. It shows what looks to be two belts.

#4 - Vehicles without aircon
#5 - Vehicles with aircon

Can someone please help, my car is off road big style and I need it for applying for new jobs. Parts numbers would be appreicated
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A quick update, just been and measured what I think should be the two belts.

The main fan belt looks to be approx 1480mm and the secondary PAS belt looks to be around 790-810mm

Ive found the PAS one on GSF (I think) but can't find the 1480mm one in ETKA

Any ideas, I can't drive my car without them :(
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