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B5 2.8 snub mount replacement question

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Did a search on the site and unable to find an answer. Reinstalling bracket aft of radiator and I cannot start the bolts? I did see someone having the same issue and was told the nut floats. But I cannot fish them into position, in fact I don't see them. The bolts were on the tight side during removal due to corrosion. But nothing stripped. Any ideas? Thank you in advance for your time.
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Managed to get the left one started, but the two on the right are not aligning. And the floating nuts seem hung up. Any suggestions?
Did you put the lock carrier into service position? If so, perhaps everything was a bit off when you reassembled. If not, biting the bullet and doing so would give you more working room to sort things out.
Thanks for responding! I did not completely put it into service position. I loosened everything up enough to move the bottom of radiator out and place a block of wood. Did this based on previous post. And it did indeed provide more room. Been frustrating, I'm at a point of removing the radiator to gain access to that nut plate. Don't understand the design? ? Haven't tried longer bolts yet,good suggestion, thanks. Even thought of welding?
Broke down and brought the car to a mechanic that has done work for me in the past
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