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Has anyone bought one of these? More specifically is there anything that would work on a 2004? Can I assume that a part for a 2003 would work? Does it really give you 10% HP gain? :???:
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do u have a link?

Rich :wink:

I read the thread on similar issue w/ the Boosted Tech sounds like someone needs to see if any of these will fit into a 2004 5.5...
sweet! CARB Exempt!

any chance of a pic with it installed on a B5?
I have seen that intake b4, no comments on it but yes that looks very familer!

Oh and thanks for the link!

Rich :wink:
I would say by the picture, it probaly does not work because I think you need more shielding from heat. Maybe if you routed cold air to it....
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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