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What it is up my peoples. My name is Daniel, everyone calls me Dan despite my best efforts.
I just got my Wagen about 1.5 months ago. It’s a 2002 VW Passat GLX 4Motion v6 2.8L Sationwagen. I’m in love.
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Very first task was fitting my Cardaroy.
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so, she’s been a real head ache folks. All kinda stuff. But, aside from mechanical I was ran off the road by a semi within a week of having it. Had to replace the mirror (just replaced the glass) and a fog light cover.
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as for the mechanical, idk.. thermostat? A sensor? It seems to not cool down while running slower and does while above 30. But not always. I think it’s a stuck thermostat- only because I drained the rad and it was not pretty. Definitely gummed for days.
I have the parts to fix it up and will be doing so. I’ve heard its a day long project- and I rarely have that time.
I’ve just yesterday replaced the radio as I have a iPhone and music is pretty important to me. Trying to make an iPhone work on the Premium 5 that was in it was impossible. Don’t hate me for swapping something. Haha

I’ve found after swapping that I’ve got more than one speaker blown. I believe the tweeters in the front. Have to diagnose the rest.

anyway, you’ll definitely be seeing more of me! Can’t wait to learn about these beasts.

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Everything looks good. Welcome! Go start a thread in the B5 forum about your specific cooling issue and we'll help you figure it out. Before that, do some searching and reading. It is very likely that your problem is not unique.
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