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Im not even sure how to ask the question in a way that you pros would understand so im just going to explain my situation.

I have my phatbox im in the process of installing my broken screen laptop into the car. I dont want to use a fm modulator (i live in nyc and fm mods are pretty crappy here at least for me). I have wireless broadband and streaming audio is actually streams fairly well throughout my area. SO, I would like to keep the phatbox in BUT would like to get the computer hooked up with this
(basically plugging into the headphone slot into a Left Right A/V kinda device). Ive seen a product available that would allow me to use the preinstalled cd changer cable with the above cables but im looking for something that would let me use the phatbox and give me the ability to switch over to the computer.

Any ideas? and does the above sound retarted?
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