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I just got my hands on a set of these rims for a whole 100 bucks. their cleaning up decently. their some scuffs on them. I can get most of them out the previous owners didn't know how to drive apparently I don't know what the color is gunmetal or Anthracite. they look like a silverish color but I am not sure

i still need to take a polish wheel to them with a nice cleaner to get more of the scratches out I bought a rim polishing kit for my drill. but they were very nasty. as you guys see their dirty i was using nevr dull and they are coming clean . They had alot of browning and caked on crap.. I think they sat outside for a while and were badly taken care of. I may bring them to my buddies placer and have him spin them on his balancer to see if they are warped before i invest money on nice tires. maybe he just wanted to get rid of them and just didnt care or wanted fast cash and run and their junk. who knows.

reason i ask about the color is i don't want to strip and refinish i would love to try and match the paint. some places on the rims the finish is chipping away. very almost unnoticeable but when i get down and cleaning these things i sseee it fully


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