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Aston Martin Vanquish Bertone Jet 2

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Just about perfect:

If it's been here before, I don't care. It's porn.
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Yes it has and yes it is! :thumbup:
I like the original better, this looks like the Saab 9x concept.
Isn't that the one that comes with its own matching Segway?
Hideous :puke:

sooo hawt .. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm *drools*
That back end is BEAUTIFUL! WHat a car! I want it now!
Spirare said:
That back end is BEAUTIFUL! WHat a car! I want it now!
According to Autoweek it apparently is going to production as seen here, and will "list'" for about $300K. It has the same v-12 8)
Wow! M-Coupe meets Aston! :thumbup: :bow: :thumbup: :bow: :thumbup: :bow:
If this AM were a human, she would spend her days kicking puppies & popping kids ballons. Why? Because this car is hella mean.
Not my taste.
I'm not EVEN sure what to think. The first thought was some damn riced out Civic rear-ended the AM DB, but then again, the integration of the exhaust ports are pretty nice looking and the rear doesn't look like anything from this century; kinda "i-robot-ish".
Oh, it's real all right.

Here's it's offspring (or the other way 'round), which is also on my short list:

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The front looks just like a ninja turtle from the movie with the upturned lip.

Paul :thumbup:
oooh, a shooting brake!
After I was in a clients car, and noticed the Focus controls, I'd never get one (and this was a Vanquish).
He'll never buy another, even though AML knows his name by heart. He felt he was "let down by the side". How many other choices are there in the 300K plus range??? :shock:
I dont know.. Its not an real Aston Martin... It does not say Aston as the new DB9 or the AMV8. Also, in many of the reviews i have seen of the DB9, and pictures, its hard to see any of the "Ford" controls in the new ones.
I think ford is learning, i know i hate them in the S-Type.. I mean really, My Passat looks light years ahead. But you kind of forget about it all when you enter a bend and remember this thing can spank the Passat =P
Looks like a grown up M coupe. :thumbup:

But, please, God, strike down the simple heart of the man who designed the rear end. :cry: :puke:
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