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ARGHHHHH!!!! Help, my doorlocks are posessed!

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About a week ago, my car started doing something that is driving me absolutely instane! While I'm driving, my doors (all four) keep unlocking and then relocking by themselves.

I after I hit 9mph, the doors auto lock (normal) then they will immediately unlock again, and I can hear the actuators continuing to fire to keep trying to unlock them again and again. The hazard lights will flash during this little lock dance, then they'll stop and after a few second they will relock.

Then they unlock again and the process repeats. I hate this!!!

I've disconnected the battery to try to reset the CCM but it didn't help. Please give me your suggestions, I can't keep driving with this! :mad: :(
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does it only happen after the doors auto lock?
Do you have an alien controller?
are any of the connections corroded?
what happens if you stop the car when it is happening?
if you stop the car and it is still happening, what happens if you put it in park?

Just some questions/food for thought. I have no clue what the problem could be.
The Exorcist is here :nervous:

Do you think it has anything to do with the CCM? Did you go through any spills in the driver seat/floor area?
relay have contact? he is incharge of giving them "order" to lock/unlock
I would try disabling the auto lock feature and see if this helps.
YetAnother20V said:
The Exorcist is here :nervous:

Do you think it has anything to do with the CCM? Did you go through any spills in the driver seat/floor area?
I was thinking the same thing.

The CCM is under the carpet by the driver's feet... there have been several posts about water getting in there.

Intermittent electronic gremlins are frequently the result of loose ground connections, damaged wires, loose connections, or shorts to ground.

I swear we've got 10 miles of wire in our cars... Good Luck!
How about the door lock controller in the drivers door. That is know to have solders go bad and.... and a loose wire could cause that. Good Luck.
No spills.
Have an alien.
Car keeps unlocking if I shut down while it's happening.
No idea about corroded connections or relays or anything because I haven't a clue what to look at first. :(
Jeff i have a vag-com and i live a short distance from you now. Also i am very handy with electrical things ( :p I am an electrician) we can fix this no prob shoot me a PM and i'll give you my cell number. P.S. i just repaired the wiring harness on my grand caravan that was in a wreck.

If you guys pull up the driver's footwell carpet to look at the CCM, could you post a few pics? I wanted to see how you got access to it.
P.S....and i got the bentley CD Rom and an ETKA so i think this cats in the bag!

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