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Are Components a bad choice for the rear doors???

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I'm trying to make a mock up for the type of system i want to put into my '99 Passat GLS (No MonsooN). Money is hurtin, so i'm trying to spend wisely. I'm not a car audio buff... so i dont know too much about the different brands etc... I used to have a 97 Honda civic, and i had pioneer speakers in the front and rear and i thought they gave the car a great sound. So i'm leaning towards getting a set of Pioneer components for my passat. From what i've read in previous posts, a component set is a definite for the front... but what about the rear??? I plan on getting a sony deck from circuit city, but i'm still not sure if i'm giong to be getting an amp yet (i'm 50/50 about getting one). What i'd like to do is have the speakers ready so when i go to circuit city to get the deck installed, they can just install the speakers while they're at it. So... what do i do for the rear??? Any ideas?
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Components are not necessary for the rear but if you get a really good price on them then use them.

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i used components for both front and rear and I actually like it better than coaxials. Reason being is you can mount the tweeter anywhere you like for your preference. Remember, 90% + of the time it's only going to be you in that car. Give yourself the benefit of nice sonic audio.
You dont really need to put new speakers in the rear at all. If you go to the audio forums ( they have great info and you can see that the more experienced members do not usually touch their rear comps.
But they're usually competitors or really hardcore. Most people like rear speakers and it's absolutely necessary in a dvd setup.

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He said "money is hurtin". I would skip the rears for now and spend the money on better front comps. and subs.
My bad, missed that part. The go with the best fronts you can afford.

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