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Anyone with a 4-mo want a "stealth" sub enclosure?

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FYI, I've got a 4-Mo enclosure available now, look here for details:

As you 4-mo people probably know, your trunk is a bit different than the FWD versions. JL, the makers of the Stealthboxes, do not offer a Stealthbox for the 4-motion B5's. Well, this is your chance to get one. I've been making my own fiberglass enclosures for a while now ( and I have found a local dealer that will let me have a 4-mo for long enough to create a mold that I can use to start building these enclosures for the 4-motion croud out there. All I need is for someone to commit to one of these. As much as I love getting tiny pieces of fiberglass in my skin, I'm not going to do it just for the fun of it. :p Let me know if anyone is interested.
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Interested but not willing to scrap my monsoon... good idea though!
you don't have to scrap the monsoon, I didn't in my car.
You just splice the sound signal off of the Monsoon amp, and then get another amp to power the sub.

StL told me that. Unfortunately, I can't do it. :(

It looks really good, JROO, so, if you want to improve your bass in your Monsoon system, go for it! It should cost around $500, as StL also told me, if you get a smaller sub, such as the JL Audio 10w3v2. Around $130 for the amp, $130 for the sub (if you shop around), $40 for the wiring and crap, and $200 for the enclosure.

Not too bad, eh? :wink: :( Sorry StL. I appreciated you approaching me first to do this. Too bad I couldn't.
I am very interested because I'm scrapping my Monsoon System!!!
How interested are you? Are you "I<3myW8" kind of interested, or are you "yes I'm going to do it" interested?

Just playing I<3myW8 :lol:
i may be interested...

How much do you charge ? How does the wiring for a monsoon system work...I know this is for the other forum, but it's friday, I'm cocktailing to the new Buffett CD,and am too lazy to do a search. :lol: :drink:
Geez, I would have figured there'd be lots of interest in this since there isn't anything on the market for 4-mo's!

Sorry, StL. Maybe in a year or two. :roll: :(
Ive been thinking about doing this for a while and reading your post finally convinced me, do you already have a mold for a 2000 1.8T sedan :???:
How much would it cost :???:
What speaker and sub combo do you suggest :???:
PM me :thumbup:
when i do some reaserch about my sub's volume needage, and if the box can meet that i willl do it, but i need to make sure im okay with the sound first
Michaels00passat - Is yours FWD or 4-mo?

Jeffsu350 - Same question. The FWD version is about .6-.65 cubic feet. I haven't worked with a 4-mo yet so I'm not sure if there would be a difference in volume.
StLB5 said:
How interested are you? Are you "I<3myW8" kind of interested, or are you "yes I'm going to do it" interested?

Just playing I<3myW8 :lol:
Ohhh, that's cold. Like ice! :p

Hope you get a non-'me' customer.
yeah, yeah, I saw you looking into staggered wheels. No wonder your audio budget is blown :p
it's time to do this, stlb5... how soon can you get this to columbus, ohio? let me know where & how much to PP you...
B5Buckeye, you'll be the FIRST sportin' the StL sub enclosure among 4Mo owners. Be happy. :thumbup:
i am very happy... i can't wait to add this!

now i need recommendations for sub & amp!

JL Audio 10w3v2 or 10w6v3. :thumbup: Those are the ones that are engraved in my mind, thanks to StL. :wink:
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