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Anyone Wett-chipped and without boost gauge or new DV valve?

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Just wonderin how crucial these other things REALLY are if I want to Wett chip my car.
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You don't really need a boost gauge, although it wouldn't be a bad idea.

You'll probably need a new DV though...sooner or later. The stock DV won't last in a chipped car. You can just upgrade to the Audi TT DV for 25 bucks or so.
I picked a TT DV up for $35 at the dealer. Pretty simple DIY too. I suggest you do it, there was a definite drivability change for me.
Do you have to go under the car to change the DV, or can it be done from top?
gnosis said:
Do you have to go under the car to change the DV, or can it be done from top?
Dude, you have 517 posts and you are asking n00b questions. All your answers can be found using the search engine.

To answer your question. No you have to jack the car up and remove the belly pan. Then you get at the DV.
Yeah true, I've read a bunch of stuff here already about DV's and I found one guy's website... forgot his name... who showed how to do it from the top. But then I got confused because people including yourself are saying you have to do it from the bottom. Another thing is that I can't even find it when I look under the hood. From reading that guy's website it looked like it was near the ECU, towards the back and to the right of the engine. Then I started looking at VW drawings of everything that was under the hood and it looked like the DV was on the other side near the air filter.

I'm even more confused now.
On the longitudinal 1.8ts, the DV is at the bottom. You have to remove the lower cover to get to it.

On the tranverse 1.8ts, the DV is at the top.
thanks for that clarification!
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