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Anyone using a K & N oil filter?

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I was wondering if anyone is using one, and are they any good? I am runnin synth 5-30 in my 99 v6.
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dont use it, the threads dont match up with the oil cooler and its too expencive.
I've got a K&N oil filter and I'm relatively happy with it.
run a K&N oil filter and redline5w-30 so far I like both
There's a fitment for the 1.8T, not the V6... even if they say it fits. OEM's are great filters. I run the K&N on my fiancés Jetta 1.8T, the 1" end-nut makes it very easy to get it on and off in a transverse 1.8T.
I just changed my oil this week and am on my third K&N in a row. No complaints here.
i use K&N oil filter on my v6. I was wondering what vincheung meant by the threads not fitting. I have had no problems so far, but should i be worried.
Please note when people say they are happy with it...they also would get the same effect from the cheapest fram filter. How can you use 3 of them and be happy, even over 5 years how can you tell? Only after 100,000 miles or so would you be able to tell anything, but probably not because there are so many other factors. Any filter may be crap, but unless you do scientific tests there is no way to prove it.

Reality check... :D

Just use the Mann/Mahle OEM brands (dealer filters) they are supposedly good. After all they were designed for the car. Or that big kahuna one is good too. need for the big kahuna on the V6

Go OEM :thumbup:
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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