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Anyone used AISIN ATF-0T4 for Auto Transmission fluid?

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I cant seen to get any awnsers. ECS Tuning has this AISIN ATF-0T4 thats is suppose to be compatible with VW 2.0 2007 passat Auto transmission.

Has anyone used?

Any harm is using?

Should I use another liquid if so which one!?
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I've not used this states it is spec compliant. Does the fact that it uses the manufacturer name in its description mean it is from that manufacturer? I don't know but again; it says it meets the specs. (The NAPA link you gave I mean)
Ive had my passat 11 years and Ive never done anything with the Transmission. I was told that its maintenance free and there isn't even a dip stick to check the oil level. But now I'm starting to wonder about this. Is there a way to check the oil level? I heard long ago the Transmission oil is filled at the factory using special equipment and certain pressure and temperature conditions... Again not 100% sure. Anyone have any insight in this?
There are threads discussing this. Do a little forum search and you will find them. It is a little involved and needs a largish write up. I would definitely go about changing your fluid or at the very least checking it. I will change the filter this year as an example.
Just changed my AT fluid and filter. Oil was black as tar, magnets had quite a bit of metal filings and the filter was kinda dirty too. I got the AT oil kit from Just followed the pricedure they provide and everything worked out fine �� Glad I was able to thus taken care of ☺
I was told that its maintenance free...
The person/dealership who told you that would like the "life" of your automatic transmission to end near ~130K to 140K; thus it's a "lifetime fill" if your wallet can handle a rebuilt transmission or a new VW after this one has 130K miles on the odometer. Transmission maintenance is much cheaper.

There has never been an auto transmission that is truly "maintenance free". Saying otherwise only means an early failure due to lack of maintenance.
I just put this ATF in my 07. I've only had it in there for a few thousand miles, so no reports except it runs fine so far.
It appears to be made by Aisin, I don't see any reason to believe otherwise. Aisin is the company that made the transmission in your car. And it's the correct spec, and cheaper than most other spec-compliant brands.
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