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Anyone selling a vag-com??

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Do you have one? DO you know where to get one (other than Ross-Tech or e-bay?)

toby in Vancouver, Canada
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im in Vancouver as well..
sorry cant help you with your question.. (im looking for one as well)

you should check these links out.. we are having a few Get togethers coming up very shortly...

GTG in Vancouver:
Washington:(two of them)

hope to see you around sometime..

P.S. post some pics, or specs of your car! ;)

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199p passat 1.8T Blue w/ leather stuffinside. Nothing too exciting, using it as our family car rightnow. Got two kids.

Oripaamoni is selling the vag-com cables for a really good deal. If you need one definitely PM him :thumbup:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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