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This is the second job in a row where the Bentley has let me down... I need a DIY for the 1.8T motor mounts, the Bentley is missing the info, and the only DIY on PassatWorld for this job has no pictures. A lot of posts reference a DIY 034 has, but it 404's.

Anybody have this available?

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V6 writeup is exactly the same as the 1.8t. My only objection to this write up is that they recommend completely removing the arms for the mounts. IMO this is an unnecessary step that only serves to complicate the process (YMMV, I prefer to unbolt as few things as possible when working on cars, less parts to lose/fawk up) Fairly basic, but to add a few tips of my own:

1) get as large a piece of wood as you can that will not hinder your work area. Home depot sells wood cheap, a nice block is fine, just be sure you are using a structurally sound solid piece of wood (MDF is obviously a no - no)

2) I can't remember the name of the adapter/extension I used, but only sears carried it. It allowed me to reach the passenger side mount more easily (and without removing any unecessary parts) If you don't have the part/can't find it, let me know and I'll find out for you.

3) It is not necessary, but it is nice to have a friend. I really feel it will go a lot smoother with someone to help guide you along/monitor the situation.

4) The write up did not mention this, but before you fully tighten the mounts, you should let the car run for a minute or two to let the mounts "settle in" (If you are in a garage, make sure the door is open, carbon monoxide is no joke) This helps eliminate vibration a bit (you're still going to experience excess vibration for the first few weeks after install, don't be concerned, it will go away.

5) Lastly, something I wish people would mention, is to get the undercarriage thoroughly washed (and wear eye protection of course) before you go under the car. The amount of dirt/foreign matter you are going to dislodge while under the car is going to be immense. The less you can get dropping onto yourself, the better off you will be.

That's pretty much all I can remember off the top of my head, GL. :thumbup:

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Here is the 034 instruction sheet.

I agree with Newman, a good cleaning makes life a lot easier. Berryman B-33 Engine Degreaser is a good cleaner and has no harsh chemical smell. Available at your local walmart. if your engine has never been cleaned before I would get 2 cans. Don't forget to cover the cabin air filter with a plastic bag.

I don't know if it is possible not to remove the motor mount bracket on the 1.8T, but if you do here are the torque specs for the bolts.

Also there is a spacer washer on top of your original mounts that you need to remove and reuse on the new mounts.

Bottom nut on motor mount 15 ftlb

M10 x 70 Motor mount bracket bolts 55 ftlb

M12 x 1,5 x 110 Motor mount bracket (sub frame) bolts 81 ftlb + 90 degrees(SEE NOTE)

Anti sway bar nuts 22 ftlbs

Note: This is a torque to yield bolt (stretch bolt) and must be replaced with a new bolt! There have been 3 different size bolts with different torque specs used here by VW over the years consult your Bentley manual for more info. If you cannot find let me know.
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