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Anyone have luck with bondo fix, BBS, and WURTH paint?

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Stupid fücking valet curbed two of my wheels. They're paying for it but if I can do it myself, I'd rather. There's a write up somewhere (I have it, forgot where I found it) where a guy fixed his Porche wheels. He did the sand, clean, sand, clean, bondo, sand, bondo, sand, clean, paint method using WURTH paint. Has anyone fixed a BBS wheel successfully? How did you do it?
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Don't do it!
Man, you got BBS wheels, why would you want an inferior fix-it job, when they guy has offered to pay.

Sure you can slap some Bondo on them. It will last about 3 months, and you'll be doing it again... Bondo isn't designed to stick to aluminum very well, it also isn't designed to spin at high RPM, and it isn't designed to replace the strength of the sheared-off aluminum.

Do yourself 2 huge favors:
1. Give yourself a slap. (just kidding - sort of)
2. Bring your wheels in and have them done properly.

Jimmy :)
Yeah im going to have to go with Jimmydee here. Screw trying to do it yourself, go to the best guys in town and have them pay for it.
mmm... ok. The write up that's on Audi world looked well done AND he did it on Porsche wheels so I thought it was a good deal. I was hoping I could do it myself for the sake of doing it my self but you guys are probably right. How do they fix it? What's the method?
Generally, they weld new aluminum into the abrasion, and then file / sand it smooth, then re-paint the wheel.

Jimmy :)
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