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2004 B5.5 1.8T/AWM, Tiptronic, 45,000, black paint, grey cloth interior, 35 psi, enjoys running, movies, hanging out, long walks on the beach, etc...

I took measurements but forgot to write them down. :banghead:

We took measurements afterwards and after some quick math the drop came out to 2" rear and 2.25" front.

I'm trying to see how much (if at all) my suspension has settled. There is a half inch distance between front and rear when comparing ground to bottom edge of fenders.

As of now the rear fenders sit at 25 5/16"; Front Left 24 3/4"; Front Right 24 7/8. Funny the drivers side sat a touch lower on stock height as well. If you round down to the nearest 1/8" it comes to 25 1/4" rear; 24 3/4" front, so a 1/2" diff between front and back. If the fender heights are the same then either the front got lower or the rear got higher.

Of course you can't really tell from looking at it, but Im just curious. At this point Im considering raising the fronts a bit to get rid of the rake.
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