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I am looking at a set of ASA AR1 rims for my '04 Passat.

I know that 18" rims look great, but I think I'm going to get 17".

Does anyone have pics of a B5.5 with these rims, or something similar, in 17"? The look similar to a BBS RX rim, or a Ronnell #58.

Please post pics if you got 'em.

Actually, post pics with any style of 17" rims. I want to see how the size looks on the car. With or without lowering springs.

Thanks. :)

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AJChenMPH said:
4meezy: might want to check your files, I'm getting all gobbledeegook for your pics. :???:

JD: look up the following profiles -- jwil in USA-East and baisee00 in USA-West.


i don't know why andy, at my cousins house yesterday i had the same gabbledeegook too. i thought it was just cause he was running XP pro on like a p1 :lol:

but now it's okay at my office :???:

that sux :mad:
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