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Anyone drill plastic belly pan for Drain Plug Access?

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Just curious what size hole. Thinking of going by Home Depot for a Hole Saw.....

Or I could jig saw a square hole, hinge it with a mini latch to preserve the aero! :D
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IIRC someone in here did just that, and installed a Sure-Drain from Fram for easy drain.
get a topside oil pump there about 30 dollars
boat stores have them 8)
Don't want to spend $30 right now.....maybe in a few weeks. Spend to much on the car the last 2 weeks! :D (just had 19th Anv yesterday...want to make it to 20!)

Cant find anyone that has actually installed the Sure-Drain....and Frams application guide shows no VW's newer then 98. (and everything up to '98 uses the SD2)
Hole saw? Eh, you should be able to do it with a utility knife. I would think a more oval shape would be preferable.
Yeah I did it when I had the belly pan off for an oil change with a jig saw. I would think a utiility knife would be tough going, it's pretty thick plastic. Maybe a hot knife. I cut about an 8 inch diameter hole in the pan under the drain. The edge of the hole is about 8 inches back from the center mounting nut of the belly pan.
Is it true that newer Passats have an opening in the belly pan?
The oil in my car shoots out to the side and does not just drop straight down. Seems like that might make a big mess.
Mine was already cut out when I bought the car... Just cut out along the shape of that "half-hourglass" shape that serves as a vent. A hacksaw/utility knife should do the job well.
Did it! Did not test yet....but think I offset enough for the sideways flow. Used a Black & Decker Dremel type tool....cut through it like butter. (its fiberglass reinforced plastic) Made a sorta "D" shaped cut..maybe 6" x 6", and filed down all the edges to keep the aero cool.....

Would be real sweet with that Fram tool, didn't see any at my Walmart.
The hatch is a better idea. Several people did it a few years ago. Keep the belly
pan intact for better airflow. The venturi pull hot air out from under the hood.
I actually prefer taking the belly pan off every oil change. It allows visual inspection of the underside of the engine. It ain't that hard...

The biggest problem I have seen with the belly pan is that the front two Dzus fasteners are 2mm longer than the back three. If you get these mixed up, the fasteners will fall out.
If I had a rack....or 2 more Rhino ramps I would'nt mind either. Yesterday I just used a floor jack to give me room enough...barely.
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